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“Encara” is a word of pure fantasy, but somehow hidden in a secret part within us. It's the quest we pursue on our path of life. We are life seekers, we look into the small and we see the great. When observing something infinitely small, we see the universe and its laws. But every now and then we lose the way, we don't listen and don't let ourselves be guided. A bright clear light appears before us, which can be perceived through a word, a voice or a little pull we feel inside. It's up to us to discover the important things we can't see with our eyes, but that are kept inside of us, and turn that darkness into an enlightened path. We have felt fulfilled, forgetful, absent-minded, but we can't go against the need and longing of our soul.

“Welcome spiritual adventurer, start your journey and I'll take care of your pure heart. Find a way to hear me and go. Your love and your sight will help you and protect you. You are one thousand starts in the night sky. Encara is my name."


The saola (Pseudoryx nghetinhensis) or Vu Qang bovine, one of the world's most enigmatic, mysterious, and rare mammals, is a bovine that lives in the limited area between Laos and the natural reserve of Vu Qang, along the border with Vietnam. The name saola means “spindle horned”. The saola presents physical features that make it one of a kind and, at the same time, convey its beauty and its mystery.


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